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t h e   m a k i n g   o f   p e r f o r m i n g   a r t s

A series of events organized by Fernwärme at ausland

coming events: > ausland-berlin.de

The Making of Performing Arts is a series of irregular events. It includes presentations of stage projects and sheds light on our passoniate questions about forms of collaboration and mutual learning.The making of performing arts offers a thematic and singular stage to all people working in one or another way with performing arts (for example performers, dancers, stage technicians, producers, organizers, feminists, theorists, audience and guests). The dates of appearance and the form of events are discontinuous: Shows, lectures or presentations on particular subjects, a "sunday school", work showings in or out of progress, premieres, text production in real time, bar and reception, role-exchange for specialists, stock-market of critiques, care and development of multiple forms of exchanges and changes.


Events (2004-2007):
- Antonia Baehr & Antonija Livingstone: "Cat Calendar", performance with video-installation by Anne Quirynen (2004)
- Gaetan Bulourde (Brussels): "pfuff or the tip of your tongue" video-performance (2004)
- Steffi Weismann: "Bandi Bandi" solo for amplified tennis ball and performer (2004)
- Isabelle Schad & Martin Belanger & Bruno Pocheron & Ben Anderson: “Leistung” collaborative dance piece (2004)
- Frédéric De Carlo & Frédéric Gies: "SECOND HAND, VINTAGE, COLLECTOR” dance and video (2005)
- Primärenergie (Uli Ertl, Barbara Loreck, Conrad Noack, Ruth Waldeyer): F.a.R.M. (2005)
- Primärenergie 3.9.1 – „Kill your darlings“ Das Gewinn- und Verlustfeld
- Ifpf und Formation HO: Primärenergie 3.9.2: "Kannibalen"
- Primärenergie 3.9.2 “Schlangen und Schleifen” Performance zur Ökonomie von Wartezeiten
- Fernwärme trifft den Performer Stammtisch: Performance von Anja Ibsch (2005)
- Ella Ziegler: Projekte 04/05, Lecture with Slide Projections
- C&H (Christoph Ragg, Heike Langsdorf, Christophe Meierhans) Brüssel/Berlin: Konspiration
- Frederic Gies: “Sleeping Beauties/Ultra sexy amazons” dance and video performance (2005)
- Petr „Krusha“ Kruselnicky: “The Thing” video feedback performance (2005)
- Good Work Productions (Ben Anderson, Hanna Hedman, Bruno Pocheron, Isabelle Schad): “California Roll” installative
Performance dealing with bodies, landscape, positioning Soundtrack: Rut Waldeyer and Thomas Charbonnel (2005)
- Bildwechsel (Hamburg): “Performance-Marathon” mit Andrea Saemann, Chris Regn, Jim Osthaarchic, Ewjenja Tsanana
- Petra Sabisch: “Contamenated” Lecture Performance (2005)
- Frankfurter Küche (Deufert + Plischke): “directory - europe endless” a visual-audioplay with occasional movements
- kpD (Kleines Postfordistisches Drama) “Kamera läuft” – Film and discussion about working conditions
- Antje Vowinckel: “Die Zähler” Hörspiel (2005)
- Ulf Sievers, Land, Henri Fleur a.k.a. Werner Hirsch: “Larry Peacock” music performance (2005)
- Lindy Annis & Nicholas Bussmann: “SEX” music & lecture performance (2005)
- Sabine Marte (Wien): "Helen - Performing Sequences" Videoperformance (2006)
- Jan Machacek (Wien): “Vakuum Revue” and “Feather by feather” Videoperformances (2006)
- Steffi Weismann: "preSource" for 10 Performer prepared Balloons and Computer Voices (2006)
- ZimmerFrei (Anna Rispoli, Anna de Manincor, Massimo Carozzi) “PANORAMA” Trilogy around Italy, Video (2006)
- Carola Lehmann: “Mickey Mouse im Fadenkreuz” Performance Lecture über Kunst und Politik in den USA (2006)
- Edgy Women (queer-feministische Performance Gruppe aus Montreal): Musikperformances und Videos (2006)
- Kim Lien Desault and Florent Delval: Insideout THIS MUST BE THE PLACE, performance (2007)
- Sarah Braun and Yingmei Duan: "unheimlich da-und wo?" Performance/Video (2007)
- Gaëtan Bulourde (F/B): "TV news" und "Chapeau! " performances (2007)
- Berlin-Bangkok, Audiovisuelle Gruppen- und Individualreisen, Dinner Falang* und Getränke in Tüten mit: Die Minute des Tages: 70 Aufnahmen einer 70tägigen Zugreise von Berlin nach Bangkok und Panoramen von unterwegs (2007)
- Nadine Hutton and Steffi Weismann: "Johannesburg Video Night" Videoworks reflecting urbain realities in South Africa today (2007)
- Nuno Cera, Rafael Alvarez und Sílvia Pinto Coelho (Portugal) Projekt 2007