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s p a c e

The Labor Sonor series takes place at the basement of KuLe in Berlin-Mitte. KuLe (culture & life) is a longtime project and artist community. The house has been squatted in 1990 by a group of theatre students. In the middle of the nineties they could get a contract and renovate the building. The 14 artists living in the house now use the basement for performance research, rehearsals and for various non-profit public activities, mainly concerts.

p r o f i l e

Labor Sonor as one part of this activities has a special interest in experimental music. Since it has been initiated by the musicians Gregor Hotz and Andrea Neumann it became a lively meeting point for the Berlin underground music scene. Labor Sonor is a platform for new developments in improvised and electronic music, with some references to new music, conceptual music, pop music and performance art.

r o o m s

There are two rooms...

1: entrance / lounge (approx 35qm), windows to the street, some sofas and a broken piano
2: performance space (approx 70qm) nearly white walls, flexibel stage elements, black chairs, amplifier, speakers, videoprojector