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A Lecture-Performance of Petra Sabisch
Contaminated is a lecture-Performance about a performance, that investigates on what really happens between stage and audience, defying thereby the limits between autography and copy, score and choreography, body theory and dance.
production: veranda.
mit freundlicher Unterstützung der Tanzfabrik Berlin.

Petra Sabisch
is choreographer/ performer and has realized the performances Cartographics (2002, Danças Na Cidade, Lissabon) und Laboratoire du désoeuvrement (2001, Paris). After a several artistic and theoretical collaborations in Paris and Berlin (A. Baehr, J. Bel, L. Goldring, N. Lauro, Superamas etc.), Sabisch is currently invited to develop her choreographic research in London.

« P.S.: Kontaminiert. Gedanken zur Aufführung einer Nachschrift »Pirkko Husemann.
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