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Fernwärme (f, sg.)
It comes from somewhere and takes its course somehow from within the underground. At least until it?s tapped. It then rises and sometimes helps us to become nicely warm or even hot. We don?t know its origin, the rumour says it comes from the east (Russia or so). This appears to be dependent on the perspective. More crucial yet is its energy. Even though it?s invisible, this energy never gets lost, it just transforms itself into something else. And in the very moment of transformation it reveals as what it is by then. A moment of a powerful potential that cannot be fixed in advance to a particular format, medium or time-space. fernwärme is not an utopian project which strives for the realization of ideas. Instead, fernwärme shows up to be the product of a coincidence between energy and its use. Nothing more and nothing less than a concretely formed moment, which is defined by the elements it consists of. And since this fernwärme does not exist in an original nor a pure state, it has no territory: It?s always already foreign, it?s always already ausland. So why should it take place somehere else?
The actual crew of users of this fernwärme – The making of performing arts encompasses: Antonia Baehr, Susanne Berggren, Barbara Loreck, Ulrike Melzwig, Petra Sabisch, Rut Waldeyer und Stefanie Weismann, and is looking forward to be parasited by other users. (Petra Sabisch 2005)