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 S t e f f i  W e i s m a n n :  C a l l i n g   V i c t o r i a



performed by Steffi Weismann
concept and all texts by
Steffi Weismann and Heiko Goelzer
videoplayback: Joule l'adara
technical direction: Heiko Goelzer
duration: 25 - 30 minutes

The idea for Calling Victoria is focusing on the communication between a live performer and Victoria, a computer voice. Through a personal dialogue, Victoria will appear more and more like a real person. Dialogues are developed on the border of understanding and misunderstanding. The interview is reflecting the fascination and the manipulative background of an advanced human-machine relationship.
The project is a research between language, new media and theatre by Steffi Weismann (performer and video artist) and Heiko Gölzer (physicist, specialized in automatic speech recognition). After having presented an early version in Berlin (radioriff, ausland, december 2003) they have further developed and extended the piece in february 2004 at NADINE - art center in Brussels.

performed at:

Festival radioriff, ausland Berlin, Dec. 2003
NADINE, Brussels, Feb. 2004
Trampoline - Media Art Festival, Berlin, June 2004
Mezzo Cielo - Performance-Festival, Instituto Svizzero, Rome, July 2004
Museum for Communication, Berlin, Sept. 2004
Goethe Institut Buenos Aires, Okt. 2004
art ig Hannover, Jan 2005
iftaf - institute for transacoustic research, Vienna, June 2005
elektropopklub, Bytom, Poland, Aug. 2005
Kaskadenkondensator Basel, Dec. 2005
Forum Hören Köln, March 2006








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