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Institute for Primar Energy at the moment concept and performance of Primar Energy 3.1 – 3.9. Primar Energy 3. is a series of showings, shows, information counters, a live radio show and in future a  conference. Primar Energy 3. originally started with the question: What do we need to live? Primärenergie 3. is not only productions/products, but also a working method and tool with which the Institut for Primar Energy approaches its themes. At the moment our main interest are personal life-models and financial strategies. > www.ifpf.net  
Works with I.Schad/H.Hedman/B.Pocheron and B. Anderson for the dancepiece California Roll (Soundtrack and –engineering), co-founder of the producernetwork fernwärme, which is publicizing the advantages of cooperation with friends.  www.fernwaerme-berlin.net .Organizes performance at ausland, Berlin, a venue for performance, music, theory and fine arts, normally working No- or Low- Budget and living of the present-, borrowing- and selfexploitation-culture of Berlin. > www.ausland-berlin.de
Soloperformances The 270 Seconds of My Life – the story of my life told in 270 seconds, Grenzen – Teil 1+2 /x  performance lecture about the question „How far do I/we reach?“ The King Anabels  Music (drums/singing/songwriting) with the legendary King Anabels work with / education by QUEenAnabellissanCHEmical, Anzu Furukawa, Martin del Amo, Benjamin Grieve, Kitt Johnson, Marina Abramovic,  Tiefseeforschung HH, Tess de Quincey/Stuart Lynch, Leeches, Fabrikantinnen der Jetztzeit, Katja Rothe (Totally Phoney), Ginga Off and more. Thanx!
with the Institute für Primar Energy Research
Primärenergie 1 (Hebbeltheater Berlin 2000, KollektivKörperKongress,Schaubühne Berlin 2001. `Marking theTeritory´, Museum of Modern Art,Dublin 2001, Schaubühne Leipzig 2003)
Primärenergie 2 (`Marking theTeritory´, Museum of ModernArt, Dublin 2001)
Primärenergie 3 (2003 – 05 at theatre research location schloß bröllin e.V.  NGBK (Berlin), ausland (Berlin), meinebank (Berlin), Propeller (Berlin), Kaskadenkondensator, Basel, CH, etc.)
solo: The 270 Seconds Of My Life (Zwickau 2001,Labor Sonor, Kule, Berlin 2002)
Aussengrenzen – Teil 1 von x (MovingBodypixels, Berlin, 2002)
with others: Leeches – strategisches Theater with uli ertl/Nicholas Bussmann (reich&berühmt,Podewil, Berlin 2002)
Totally Phoney – Soundinstallation&Performance with Katja Rothe (ausland (B) 2004)
Sountrack for California Roll – mit Isabelle Schad/Bruno Pocheron/Hanna Hedmann/Ben Anderson bei Tanz im August, Podewil, (B), VOXX (Chemnitz), Amperdans (Monty, Antwerpen, NorthSouth Lab, Tanzqartier Wien etc.)
Soundtrack for Cat Calendar with A. Baehr and A. Livingstone (ausland/Berlin, and Espace Piere Paolo Pasolini / Valenciennes)
Cont. ausland - Ort für Musik,. Performance,Theorie
3 x Co-Organisation for " Fabrikantinnen der Jetztzeit " in Berlin - La Fabrik, 1999, Raw- Tempel 2001,MOvingBodypixels,
2002: Co-Founder of the Producer network Fernwärme in Berlin