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Steffi Weismann: new projects 2006/07






le vol

audiovisual performance in three parts
by Steffi Weismann and Annette Krebs

LEM Festival Barcelona, oct. 2006
tesla im Podewils'schen palais Berlin, sept 2007
Duration 50 minutes

The project "le vol" (french: theft and flight) by the Berlin based duo Krebs/Weismann points an unusual focus on the question of property. With elements of sound, video and text they create a live-performance in three parts.
Minimalistic electronic sounds and sound surfaces are combined with voices and performative actions with objects. The level of texts consists of french, english and german. The use of language is not only related to its semantic function, but often to its musical quality. The two artists create a delicate mix of analogue and digital sources and switch their roles suddenly between musician, performer, video artist, author and composer.

See Demo-Video:
le vol 1 (6 min.) >




Johannesburg Interventions

KIN:BE:JOZI - art project
in residence from 9. may – 16. june 2007 at August House, End Street, Johannesburg, South Africa
project director: Dorothee Kreutzfeld
participating artists: Athi Patra Ruga & Anthea Moys (South Africa), Raphael Urweider & Steffi Weismann (Switzerland) and Kura Shomali & Vitshois Mwilambwe (Democratic Republic of Congo)
in collaboration with: Joca (João Paulo), Tashika (Mandla), Xtra (Mdlulu) and Luvuyo Gope from the Drill Hall, Jules Batale, Emeka Owe, George Khumalo, Nadine Hutton, Christopher Patra and James Dylan Happe
Presentations: Drill Hall & George’s Boxing Club Hillbrow
exhibition & performances: August House, New Doornfontein
with the generous support of: the French Institute of South Africa, Pro Helvetia Switzerland and Cape Town, the National Arts Council, the French Embassy in Kinshasa and the City of Bern

The project idea: a group of artists from three cities come together in each city and develop a dialogue in response to the specific context of each city: Kinshasa - Bern - Johannesburg. Each city presents a particular urban reality. The idea was to develop a kind of travelling dialogue, which would arise out of the engagement between the artists, the geographic distances and specific moments in the life of each city. "Jozi" was the third and last part of the project.
Steffi Weismann worked with Luvujo Gope on dialogues that play on random commonalities between their mother languages Swiss German and Xhosa. The result of the collaboration was the music-performance "Bula-Boele", which was presented as a live performance. Another collaborative work arose with Anthea Moys and João Paulo at George's Boxing Club in Hillbrow. The regular participation in boxing training and some experiments with new rules became the basic material for three music videos. See video title (2 min.) >

Steffi Weismann created a "Car Event" as a solo action in public space:
“On Saturday afternoon, the 2nd of June, I went for a walk in the inner city of Joburg with my new self-constructed Landrover. The dominance of cars struck me from the first moment of my residence in Joburg. And the fact that you see 'white' people only in their cars but hardly ever walking in the streets gave me the idea to create this image. It is a personal comment on the issues of safety, crime and fear in the tense situation of downtown Johannesburg.
I was curious about the reactions, and I got plenty! Many of them were very spontaneous and playful. Some people asked me if they could have a lift, or if they could buy my car. Many of them said "nice car" and smiled. All in all it was a humorous interaction and I was happy to get in contact with people on the street and to be part of street life.” See video
car event (4 min.) >