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> Video Scrap (3 Min / 11 MB)


> Video1 Links gehen (3,4MB)
> Video2 Links gehen (2,2MB)


> Video "le vol - part 1" ( 4 Min / 13MB )

> Video "le vol - part 3" (2 Min / 6MB)




Ana Maria Rodriguez - idea, composition, live-electronics
Andrea Neumann - composition, inside piano
Steffi Weismann - composition, live-video

UA 10.Sept. 2004, Konzerthaus Berlin
Production: KNM, Fotos: Uwe Walter
with generous support of Hauptstadtkulturfonds

other performances at the cultural exchange of Berlin and Buenos Aires im Oct 2004, Centro Experimentatión Teatro Colon, Buenos Aires
Tesla Berlin, bgnm Video-Concerts 2005 and Konzerthaus Vienna 2005
Duration of the piece 23 minutes





Links gehen - Rechts stehen (Walk Left - Stand Right)

Ana Maria Rodriguez - concept, composition, live-electronics
Steffi Weismann - concept, live-video
Andre Bartetzki - Interactive Programming
Version 1 with Rebecca Lenton - Flute, Winfried Rager - clarinet, Gudrun Reschke - Oboe, Robin Hayward - Tuba
Version 2 with Lucia Mense (flutes) and Lucio Capece (reeds)

UA of the Live-Version: 12. 6. 2004, festival “space + place”Oberbaumcity Berlin
with generous support of Bundeskulturstiftung
other performances: Festival "Musique-Action" Vandouevre (Nancy) and festival
"Intersonanzen" Potsda, Fesival Kontraste Krems 2006
Duration of the live-version: 18 minutes
Duration of the video-version (without live-musicians): 7 minutes, DVD







le vol

Idea, audiovisual composition and live performance: Annette Krebs and Steffi Weismann
UA am 28. 10. 2006 LEM-Festival Barcelona, Museum Caixa Forum

The new project "le vol" (french: theft and flight) by the berlind based duo Krebs/Weismann points an unusual focus on the question of intellectual property. With elements of sound, video and text they composed a live-performance in three parts. The two artists create a delicate mix of analogue and digital sources and switch their roles suddenly between musician, performer, video artist, author and composer. "le vol" is an exeptional result of an intense artistic process and cooperation.