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Steffi Weismann CV
born 1967 in Zurich, Switzerland; lives in Berlin

studied from 1989-95 in Berlin at the Hochschule der Künste (Academy of Fine Arts) scenography and theatre costume. During these years she extended her studies towards performance art and experimental music. She attended courses with the composer Dieter Schnebel (Music-Theatre, FLUXUS), did voice training and started to involve video into her performance work. Since 1993 she has been performing with the ensemble “Die Maulwerker” all over Europe at Festivals for Contemporary Music and at Museums for Contemporary Art. From 1995 to 2001 she realised several performance-media-projects with the group “ex machinis”. Her solo work has been presented in Berlin, Hannover, Paris, Brussels, Rome, Frankfurt, Vienna, Buenos Aires, Cologne, Karlsruhe, Basel and Johannesburg.

1990 she founded with a group of artists the KuLe-project (Culture & Life) in Berlin-Mitte. At KuLe she built up a network of performing artists, visual artists and musicians over the last years. She co-curated the international performance-festivals auf eine art I-III and the platform for experimental music Labor Sonor (www.laborsonor.de). As a teacher for performance studies she taught workshops at Universities in Hannover and Kopenhagen and at the School for Figurative Theatre (TAFT) in Norway (2000/2001) and at the Kunsthochschule Berlin Weissensee (2007)

As a solo performer she combines new media with live-art-elements. She creates dialogues that switch between different realities and include speech, sounds, movements and images. She did collaborations with many Berlin-based performers and musicians: Christian Kesten, Ana Maria Rodriguez, Antonia Baehr, Barbara Loreck, Stefan Vens, Uli Ertl, Jo Stone, Andrea Neumann, Boris Baltschun, Fernada Farah, Emmett Williams, Chico Mello, Annette Krebs, Antje Vowinckel, Yoav Pasovsky u.a.
With Georg Klein she realized several interactive installations in public space.

Projects (selection):

"le vol" – audiovisual performance with Annette Krebs , LEM- Festival Barcelona '06

"Call me Yesterday" 2-channel-Video-Installation for the live Version of Antje Vowinckels radio piece, ZKM Karlsruhe and TESLA Berlin '06

"Takeaway: Haste Töne" interactive audio-installation in public space with Georg Klein, Festival sonambiente Berlin '06

"apropos" composition for six voices, computer voices and rotating objects, ZKM Karlsruhe, KKL Luzern and TESLA Berlin '06

"spring-time1" soloperformance for trampoline and computer, gallery wildwechsel Frankfurt and Ballhaus Ost, Berlin '06, First Play Berlin, HAU2, Oct. '06

"Fall out" (auf jeden Fall) audio-visual performance by Steffi Weismann & Georg Klein, New Music Festival, Rümlingen, Switzerland, August '05

"Calling Victoria" video performance with speech synthesis and speech recogition software
by Steffi Weismann (concept / performance) & Heiko Gölzer (concept / programing)
preshow: "radioriff" Dec. ’03 ausland Berlin; Nadine (art center) Brussels, Trampoline (Media Art Festival) Berlin ‘04, Museum for Communication Berlin, Festival “Mezzo Cielo” Swiss Institute Rome '04, Kaskadenkondensator Basel '05, Initiative Hören Cologne '06

"Fate at Eight" (Destino das Oito) Telebossa by Chico Mello and Christina Tappe, scenopraphy and live-video by Steffi Weismann, Festival Maerzmusik, Hebbel am Ufer HAU1, March '05

"pick up" - interactive installation and performance with Georg Klein, Marks Blond Project, Bern (Switzerland) April 05

"Walk Left - Stand Right" (Links gehen - Rechts stehen) for 4 wind instruments, live-electronics and live-video by Ana Maria Rodriguez (concept / electronics) and Steffi Weismann (concept / video)
Festival “musique action” Vandouevre, France, May '04, Festival “Space & Place” Berlin, June '04, Festival Kontraste, Krems '06

"SCRAP" - Portrait of a deconstructed instrument
by Andrea Neumann (inside piano), Ana Maria Rodriguez (electronics) & Steffi Weismann (live video)
concert hall Berlin sept. '04, Centro experimentál, Buenos Aires Oct '04, concert hall Vienna, June '05, TESLA Berlin, bgnm video concerts June '05

"Bandi Bandi" for amplified tennis ball and performer, ausland Berlin, june '04; MUMOK (museum of modern art) Vienna; october '05

"yes it's suddenly getting warmer" (ja es ist plötzlich wärmer geworden) for 4 voices, soprano saxophone, trumpet , tuba, electronics and video by Steffi Weismann (director / stage / video) and Christian Kesten (director / composition)
Schloss Broellin '02, Staatsbank Berlin '03 (with general support of Hauptstadtkulturfonds)

"1 x 1" soloperformance with Chance Factors
Cité des Arts Paris '01, Kaskadenkondensator, Basel; ausland, Berlin; Festival “across the border” Hannover, Festival “Mezzo Cielo” Swiss Institute Rome '04, HFG Karlsruhe `06

"Dedication" solo performance, OFK Offenbach/Frankfurt and ausland Berlin

"Money Transfer" performance - lecture by Barbara Loreck, with Steffi Weismann and other money messengers, Schloss Bröllin; opening festival of ausland, Berlin; gallery NGBK Berlin '04

"FLUXUS" Die Maulwerker and Emmett Williams, Hamburger Bahnhof, Museum for Contemporary Art Berlin ’99, Museo Reina Sofia, Madrid, ’02; Galerie Vostell, Berlin ’02

"Give me a Reptile" Vocal Performance, XX Junction KuLe Berlin, kaskadenkondensator Basel (CH) '99

"JEIZINEN" Performance-Installation, Institut für angewandte Baukunst ‘98, Berlin; with Stefan

"SERVICE" Soloperformance, Festival SOLO LALA , Berlin ‘96, Festival CLUSTER ‘97, Forum für neue Musik Weimar; OFK, Kunstraum Offenbach ‘98, Kaskadenkondensator Basel ‘99

"La Reine c’est moi" (The Queen It’s Me) Theatre-Performance, Festival reich und berühmt
-rich and famous ‘97, Podewil, Berlin, with ex machinis (director, stage, costumes)

"AUGEN ZEUGEN" (Eye-Witness) Performance-Installation Künstlerbahnhof Westend ‘95, Berlin, with ex machinis